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“Could it be that he was... conservatively dressed?”

Sorry, there’s nothing much to see here at the moment. I intend to develop this remarkably vain and self-indulgent website whenever inspiration and spare time coincide. In the meantime:

What I do

Logo of Coincidence? I THINK NOT. I run the website Coincidence? I THINK NOT., a humour website based on pairs of similar but unrelated graphs and the idea that correlation implies causation. (I might add that the website is sorely in need of a redesign.)
Logo of Worthless Grey Cubes I created a joke gift application for Facebook called Worthless Grey Cubes, where users send each other virtual grey cubes with no intrinsic value. I have some ideas for how to make this more interesting, which can be summarised by one (currently secret) word.
Naught here yet. I do web design, but not very well. Once I've become less rubbish at it, I'll add some sort of portfolio to replace this self-deprecating placeholder.
purple hand holding a planet 3D art (and other digital art) interests me. The mediocre stuff I've made can be found on Deviantart (or on the condensed portfolio version, which contains selected samples of my work – without the silly social-network stuff).
Spoonhammer logo Relatedly, I am currently part of the team working on the short(ish) film Spoonhammer. (Spoonhammer is currently on hiatus, and its website is a bit broken.)

You can follow me on twitter if you want to read the nonsense that I (rarely) post there. One of these days I should probably set up a blog.

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